viernes, 24 de septiembre de 2010

They are my Friends :)

She is Marian Portillo. She is from Maracaibo..She doesnt speak English and She is nineteen years old.
Her email adress is She goes to the party and She is a student.

Marian is tall, slim. She has brow eyes and She has long, straight, Dark brown hair.


He is Victor Salazar. He is from Maracaibo...He doesnt speaking English and He is twenty-two years old.
His email adress is vjsalazar@hotmail.comHe plays basketball and He is a student.

Victor is tall. He has brown eyes and He has short, straigh, dark brown hair. He is average weight.


Hello, my name is Madelaine Bravo, I'm eighteen years old. 

I study at Rafael Belloso Chacin's University and I especialize in industrial engineering, I would like to learn how to speak english.

I love music, especially Ricardo arjona.
My favorite activities are parties, I love dancing and shopping.

This is my blog and I hope you enjoy it.